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Classic Sierra Stone

Choosing your stone colour is easy...

Oasis in your yard
Barbecue zone in west Kelowna

                               with us to see samples of all colours & sizes of stone, discuss your unique space and understand how Sierra Stone can improve the appeal of your home. 

Recommended for outdoor applications

Large Stone


Ebony stone matches any house colour

Roan River

Perfect for driveways


Twilight Sierra Stone Applications

Large Stone Blends


warm tones for concrete coverage

Roan River & Ebony Blend

Like walking down a stream

Twilight & Ebony Blend

Family time in your outdoor space

Coral & Ebony Blend

Create your outdoor paradise

Small Stone

Medium Ebony

Small Ebony

Home Builders Kelowna
Deck renovations

Multi-Coloured Flint

Colour mixing concrete repairs


Sunset stone colour in Sierra Stone applications

Small Stone Blends

Multi-Coloured Flint & Medium Ebony

Sunset & Small Ebony

Kelowna BC renovations
Enjoy your patio
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