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Kelowna's Curb Appeal Experts

curb ap·peal


noun: curb appeal; noun: kerb appeal

the attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street."landscaping, the front entrance, and the condition of the paint or siding are the biggest factors in curb appeal"

from Oxford Languages

All eyes are on your home.

Whether you have found your forever home or are looking to sell in the next few years, the exterior of your home is a reflection of you! Does your home invite you in or send you running?

Kelowna is one of the top ten most expensive cities in Canada to live in. By extension, also one the most expensive cities to buy a house in. Curb appeal can increase a home’s value by 5% - 11%. Potential home buyers doing drive-by inspections of your listed home will often be able to tell from the street what kind of work they will need to undergo should they purchase your home.

The paint and siding is fresh and well kept, driveways & walkways are in good (and safe) condition, the landscape is managed beautifully right to your front door. All of these components are a statement to the condition of your home.

Making your home feel like a piece of art is relatively simple but often overlooked. First impressions are vital when it comes to selling your home however, and will determine whether a potential home buyer views the rest of your home or investigates your online listing further.

A few easy ways to freshen and improve curb appeal with some of Kelowna’s Best:

1. House Exterior- Look for signs of damage. Pressure wash siding to freshen up. Paint if necessary. Patching or repairing stucco where needed. Review regularly.

A Coat Above Painting & Britco Painting for your painting needs and the experienced siding folks at Wilderness Custom Exteriors

2. Entryway- Clean up any weeds and dead flora. Notice any surfaces that need updating or replacing ie. Chipped tile, cracking concrete, molding wooden steps. Paint/clean/replace the front door to encourage guests to enter. For ideas on making walkways, steps and pool decks beautiful, view Sierra Stone South & Central Okanagan’s gallery at

3. Landscaping- Trimming and pruning regularly to keep trees looking healthy. Tame uncontrolled growth. Maintain lawn care and mowing. See Kelowna’s award winning landscaping experts, Creative Roots Landscaping and some of the best maintenance in town at Gabel Landscaping

4. Driveway- Keep clean, remove snow, sweep in summer. Upgrade the garage door. Concrete sealing when appropriate or coating with decorative concrete coatings. Check out Legacy Garage Doors Kelowna

5. Roofing- Roof cleaning and moss removal. Gutter and drainage. General outdoor cleaning. Kelowna Pro Wash - Men in Kilts -

6. For more work that should be left to the professionals:

Gord Turner Renovations -

Okanagan Yard Works -

Canada Outdoor Kitchens -

Kelowna Outdoor Living- Rafter 4K Contracting-

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