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We cover decks, pools, driveways & steps! 

What is Sierra Stone?     
A mix of natural stone aggregate and industrial grade epoxy create the beautiful, unique, long lasting Sierra Stone. Strong enough to withstand weather and made to last in high-traffic areas. The Sierra Stone brand has had 30 years of success all over North America and Australia. See our parent company website at 

Why choose Sierra Stone?

Add value to your home or beautify a space, Sierra Stone can be applied indoors or outdoors. Whether it's resurfacing during a renovation or on a new build, or just to add sparkle to an area you spend a lot of time in. 

What can you cover?

Any outdated or new solid surface: Faded vinyl decking, over-treated concrete, stained driveways, concrete, wood, cement. Sierra Stone gives a beautiful, easy to maintain surface to new wooden decks, a fresh cement pool deck or concrete steps.

Practical Information:

-Sierra Stone product is an epoxy product that requires maintenance every 2-3 years, depending on sun/moisture/snow exposure with most applications lasting 20+ years. Re-coating is often as simple as applying a coat of epoxy to the existing stone and letting it set for a day.

- Any chipping can be fixed without being visible. It is difficult to spot a newly fixed area if something were to happen to your Sierra Stone and chipping is rare due to the durability of the epoxy. Customers can use a driveway as normal without concern for degrading their stone. 

- Installation is done over a few days, most jobs being completed within a week. 

Walking out on beautiful Okanagan views

Ask us about covering your trouble areas with an easy-to-maintain, versatile and durable product that will liven up any uninspired surface. 

Classic Sierra Stone
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