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2024 Kelowna Spring Home Show

Pound for pound, this was the most populated home show we have attended as vendors!


As always, I did not take enough photos and was busy talking my face off the entire time! It was awesome to see so many home renovation and building experts doing their thing.

Winter is our off-season, as most of our projects are exterior applications, so I don’t always get to talk about our product so much. It’s so energizing to discuss the benefits of covering old concrete with a lifetime product like ours.

This was our first year we had a video of our project photos up on a screen for viewing in our booth. It's been kind of interesting these last five years to find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to advertising. I believe our stone is something you really need to see (and feel) to appreciate and understand. The Home Show always gives us an opportunity to let folks really touch the stone and ask any questions they might have.

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