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New Owners Guide: Maintenance Tips for Making Your New Sierra Stone Last a Lifetime.

Your new epoxy and aggregate coating is an extremely durable product that can withstand almost anything with minimal maintenance.

Here are some tips on the preservation of your new lifetime product, Sierra Stone.

To maintain the beauty and durability of your new stone surface:

1. Avoid allowing plants to drain onto Sierra Stone and always ensure air flow under heavy flower pots to prevent discolouring over time

2. If there is a continual drip on the stone from eaves or drainage from above, discolouration may occur. The same is true if irrigation frequently flows over the same spot.

3. Generally, avoid leaving anything on the stone that may trap moisture like laying out wet tarps, pool covers and pool toys.


1. A once or twice yearly pressure wash will work wonders, usually in Spring. Pressure washing is especially important to prevent the growth of moss between the stone.

2. Sweeping and leaf blowing is great for weekly dust, dirt and sand removal.

3. Using chemicals on Sierra Stone is not recommended, just water whenever possible. If absolutely necessary, a light soap can be used but must be rinsed out thoroughly.

Snow Removal:

1. Metal edged shovels and snow blowers work great on Sierra Stone as it is very durable.

2. Recommended snow salt alternative is a product like “Eco-Traction” or something similar which is not salt but a grit-like product that adds traction without the use of chemicals or salt that may damage the epoxy over time.


If these recommendations aren’t followed, we can likely still help with any concerns! Any discolouration can be fixed and if you ever find that there is an area where stone needs filing either from general wear & tear or removal for renovations, it can be filled with matching stone and will be invisible when fixed.

Re-coating your Sierra Stone every 2-3 years with 30/30 epoxy will prevent any stone loss, will keep the surface strong and beautiful and will make the Sierra Stone last as long as the brand has been around, 30 years and beyond!

If you ever have questions about maintenance or anything else regarding your Sierra Stone, we are here to help!

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