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The Beauty of Maintenance

Anything that lasts a lifetime will have phases of use and growth and decay. The ability to effectively maintain Sierra Stone is what allows it a life of 30+ years.


We were once called out to a home with a completely disintegrated exposed aggregate driveway. The driveway was crumbling so bad that we could scoop up handfuls of aggregate and concrete with our hands. The encouraging part was there was still a very strong, thick base of concrete left. All the damage was in the surface of the area.


A problem like this can’t be fixed with a store-bought sealer, unfortunately for the homeowner. Finding this kind of disintegration a year after the concrete has set was very disheartening. Our customers certainly never received any sense of responsibility from the concrete installers and this left them with nothing but a pile of dusty aggregate and no way to move forward.


I was happy to take their call because I knew very quickly that we would be able to help them. We cleaned up the crushed mess of material and used a thick coating of our 30/30 epoxy to add strength to what remained of the substrate. We then applied our stone coating like usual over the strengthened concrete.


 My clients who were considering ripping up their entire driveway and starting fresh now had something they could maintain years into the future.

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